Our Mission

Ho’ōla Farms: Growing Veterans provides agricultural training, hands-on educational opportunities and therapy options for veterans & the families, along with the community, with hopes to creating sustainability & well being for all.


Find your place of peace…

“Ho`ōla Farms is a peaceful place that allows you to reflect, regroup and rejuvenate; mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I find myself not wanting to leave and yet I can hardly wait to get back to life and get started in working towards my goals and dreams.”— U`ui, HVS Volunteer

Our `Ohana Story


John and Emily Emmons had a dream to one day own a family retreat where people could come to garden, cook, participate in outdoor adventures and spend quality time together. They believed that the power of connection with the earth and time together could help strength family bonds and heal old wounds. It was just a few years later when John, an Iraq-combat veteran, was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and severe PTSD that it was their family that needed help. 

After 9 months of trying different medications, treatments and therapies, which all had varying levels of successes along with severe (some unbearable) side effects, John's natural instinct lead him to his backyard where he started planting anything he could find. It was the time he spent nurturing the newly planted ferns, time in the fresh air, trade winds blowing where he truly started to heal. Emily started seeing improvements in John’s mood, cooping skills and bond with their children as John continued planting and nurturing life in the backyard. It was then that Emily and John knew that if this could work for their family, it could work for others as well… thus Ho’ola Farms was created.